Landlord Information

Landlord Condition Report

What Is A Property Condition Report

A full detailed Condition Report is completed prior to tenants taking possession of the property.  The tenants are given a copy at the commencement of their tenancy and are required to sign the report to confirm the property is as described.  At the termination of the lease we will carry out a full inspection of the property and compare the condition of the property with the original condition report to ensure that the property is left in the same condition (allowing for fair wear and tear) as it was at the commencement of the lease. The property must be in clean condition and in good order when the tenants move in and the tenants are required to maintain the property in a clean condition during their tenancy.  Any private garden areas are also the tenant's responsibility unless otherwise arranged. The tenant's bond money will not be released until we are satisfied that the property has been cleaned satisfactorily.

Routine Inspection

What Is A Routine Inspection

To ensure that your property is well looked after, a routine inspection is conducted within the first three months of the tenants taking possession of the property and thereafter conducted twice yearly as per the Residential Tenancies Act, approximately every six months. These inspections are essential to ensure that your property is being maintained to an acceptable standard and to identify any maintenance that may be required. A copy of the routine inspection report is forwarded to you after each inspection and should it be necessary, a member of the Peake Real Estate Property Management Team will contact you to discuss items noted on the report.


What Happens When A Tenant Stops Paying Rent

Arrears control is an integral part of our daily routine.  A rental arrears report is generated once a day informing us of any tenants more than one day in arrears. Often a reminder call is all that is required for the tenant to pay their rental arrears.  However, if after three days, the outstanding amount has still not been paid a stern reminder letter is sent. A further two letters are generated should the rent not be forthcoming in addition to phone calls and personal contact with the tenant.  If we are unsuccessful in obtaining the rent by fifteenth day the property is in arrears we can issue a notice to vacate the property and apply for a hearing.  In the meantime we will keep you informed of all contact and our progress.

How Tenants Pay Rent

How Do Tenants Pay Their Rent

Tenants have several options to pay their rent, leaving no excuse for late payments. * Payments can be made by bank cheque or money order * Internet Banking through their chosen financial institution * Direct debit from their nominated bank account, we will supply the tenant with our account details to arrange an automatic transfer. 


When Does The Rent Money Get Paid Into My Account

Our Property Management Department is fully computerised and we believe we lead the market in this field, providing you with the most efficient service available. Rental monies are disbursed to the landlord within 5 business days of receipt (to allow for clearance of cheques).  Any disbursements throughout the month will be shown on the statement and copies of the invoices will be attached.  Direct banking of statement cheques are a service we provide and should you take advantage of this, your statement will show all banking details.