How We Can Support Our Local Small Businesses!

How We Can Support Our Local Small Businesses!

By Lisa Fletcher | 03-08-20

Local business is essential for our economy. What they need most of all during this time is customers!
They are the ones that know their customers by name - they are our neighbours and friends. They are what make our towns special and unique.

Many small businesses are required to shut their doors and people being forced to stay at home. Covid-19 has caused small local businesses to suffer.

Here are some ways we can throw local small businesses a lifeline and help them get through these tough times.

•Order takeaway or delivery. Being isolated in our homes doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our favourite restaurant quality meals. Many restaurants and café’s have quickly adapted to this change and now offer this service where they previously did not. 
•Shop small online. If you notice a small businesses you love doesn’t have a website, be sure to check their social pages for more information. 
•Online support - post positive reviews, like, comment and share on socials pages and posts.
•Consider shopping small before the big guys. Not only are you supporting local, majority of the time you will receive your goods faster than if you were buying from overseas or interstate. 
•Pay with plastic rather than cash.
•Stay home if you’re feeling sick.
•Understand the hard decisions and practice social distancing and follow government health guidelines.
•Buy gift cards are a great idea to purchase and spend later, especially for those businesses who cannot currently open their doors.

Remember to frequent these businesses where you can, it is us customers who will play a vital role in keeping them afloat. 

If you would like to learn more about how you can support local businesses in your area, you can contact our friendly team at Peake on 97075300. We take pride in specialising in our local area and community and have many contacts of great products and services on offer.

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