Beat The Winter Blues By Brightening Up Your Home!

Beat The Winter Blues By Brightening Up Your Home!

By Lisa Fletcher | 05-05-20

Winter is upon us and the chilly weather is about to roll in and it is not unusual for our moods to be affected by the cooler weather and limited hours of sunlight. For many of us, we have already spent more time than usual in our homes due to isolation laws, whether working from home, home schooling or relaxing and staying safe. So, what better time to brighten up and refresh your home and lift our spirits and the same time.

We have a few simple tips and tweaks to share with you without breaking the budget:

  1. Upgrade your lighting – Find the sources in your home that do not give off the best light and make a point of upgrading them. You can install different coloured bulbs in different spaces to boost the mood of the rooms, depending on how you use them. Some people prefer cool white globes for task areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry, and warm white globes for living, dining and bedrooms areas. Also, remember to let natural light in. Open curtains and blinds when the sun is shining.
  2. Photographs - Print and decorate the home with photos of family and friends. Nothing is more heart-warming than time spent with your loved ones. You can pick up a range of affordable frames from your local department store.
  3. Fresh blooms – Choose your favourite fresh flowers or flowering plant, not only for decoration, but also the scent they give off. Adding flowers can boost our happiness by adding a pop of colour into dull spaces. Try and choose colours which complement the décor in your home. 
  4. Wall art – Adding wall art can assist in creating the mood for your space. Selecting your artwork is a form of self-expression. If you are looking to brighten your home, shop for pieces that enhance your feeling of happiness as an individual. Remember to take into consideration the size and positioning of the artwork in your home. Larger pieces may be better suited to spacious rooms of the home, such as the living room.
  5. Décor colour – Warmer yellow tones can add a welcoming feeling to your entry. Studies have reported blue hues to be more of a calming presence in the home, while green is energising. Soft colours like pastels can create a relaxing feeling and are often added to children’s rooms or nurseries. Brighter, deeper colours like orange are livelier and are often added to busier communal areas of the home like living or rumpus rooms. Remember when painting to first decide on a colour scheme to flow through your home and consider how it will flow from room to room. If you are struggling to make a decision-pick up a sample pot from your local hardware store and try it out first.
  6. Soft furnishings – Mix it up whilst adding warmth and comfort to your home with throw rugs, cushions and floor rugs. If you are stuck for styling ideas, there are many places to find inspiration online from sights like Pinterest or flicking through your favourite home magazines. Don’t forget your bedroom and bathroom. Liven your bedroom by purchasing a new bedspread or adding some bright pillows. Bathrooms can be brought to live with fresh, crisp bath and hand towels. Play around with different textures and patterns.

Colour and decor can bring so much personality to your home, so why not make it a haven for you and the family to enjoy.  

If you require assistance with styling your home, our team at Peake Real Estate have a list of incredibly talented local stylists we would be happy to refer you to, or if you are looking for advice on styling your home to sell, our team would love to chat.

You can contact us anytime on 97075300.

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