Winterproof Your Home & Cut Energy Bills!

Winterproof Your Home & Cut Energy Bills!

By Administration Team | 06-05-19

As the temperatures start to drop, our energy bills tend to rise, and we start turning on heaters and other electrical devices to keep warm. One of the main ways we waste money in Winter is through unnecessary energy consumption! 
Luckily, there are several ways to stay warm without dramatically increasing your energy costs.
Firstly, it is important to understand star energy ratings on your appliances. This will enable you to calculate the efficiency of your current appliances or if updating, will assist you in calculating potential running costs. When shopping for new appliances, you can head to to check out the best ratings for the type of appliance you are looking for. 
Look at how your appliance has performed during standard industry testing. Eg: Clothes dryer labels will show an estimated number of KWH hours per year; this number is based on the appliance drying one load of washing over one year. If you are shopping for a new dryer, look for a sensory dryer which automatically turn off when clothes are dry, saving you money on unnecessary power. 
If you have used the same energy provider for some time, ask them if you are receiving the best package on-offer or if there is an off-peak rate available in your area that may be better suited to you. 
A great way to encourage and educate your family on saving energy is to set some energy usage goals for your home. Aim to cap usage times on your heating system and set the thermostat 23 degrees. Every degree higher will save you 10% energy consumption. Hang out clothes to dry on sunny days rather than using the dryer. 
With the evolution of Smart phones, you can now download apps that can monitor your energy usage or check to see if your energy provider has its own app. 
There are also a number of quick and simple measures you can take to keep your costs down. Some of these include: 
Check your window seals & close blinds of an evening
Make sure your windows are sealed well. Check both internal and external seals are in good condition and ensure windows are closed properly. By closing your blinds and block out curtains, heat loss can be reduced by 10% in that room!

Let the sun in during the day
Let UV rays shine in through the glass. Open your blinds and curtains during the day to let this free, natural heat warm up your home.

Rug up!
Tiles and Hardwood floors look great but can get very cold. Stop the Winter chills on your feet by laying down thick rugs. This is also a great, inexpensive way to update your home decor.

Shut off rooms you’re not using
Unused rooms such as spare bedrooms, laundries and bathrooms should be closed off as you are letting the heat escape into this space. 

Seal around your front door
Drafts from unsealed doors can account for a large amount of heat loss in your home. You can use a rubber seal or a door snake to fill gaps. Stick rubber seals onto the inside edge of the door stop, starting at the very bottom, and then work your way up to the top and straight across.

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