Autumn Styling Tips

Autumn Styling Tips

By Administration Team | 04-03-19

Autumn is a great time to revamp your interior and embrace some of the latest styling tips of 2019. We are seeing a shift away from grey shades, clutter, minimalist art and copper furniture; instead seeing a rise in sustainable furniture, matte black designs, art deco and more greenery in the home! Follow our five styling tips to have your house looking on trend this autumn.  

>Think sustainability & natural fabrics 
The modern shift towards living sustainably has made its way to the interior design world – with natural fabrics becoming more of a statement in the home. The movement towards natural fabrics in furniture, throws, cushions and tapestries are about living sustainably and creating a relaxing, natural looking space. Not only do natural elements look great, they also evoke a calming vibe in your home. 

>Matte black is back 
Matte black is the new trend to grace our homewares and interiors. Instead of the once popular grey colour scheme, matte black is making a bold statement and can be incorporated into lighting, furniture, and home décor.  Predicted to last a while in the interior design trends, bringing matte black into your home is a great styling tip for autumn!

>Get to know ‘Hygge’ style
Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, this is becoming a popular styling trend especially in the cooler months of autumn and winter. Hygge was a way of living adopted by the Danish people of 18th century and essentially refers to creating a warm, inviting space for friends and family. Think soft textures – woolen throw rugs, fluffy rugs, faux fur, soft floor cushions, candles and open spaces. The idea is to create a relaxing, warm space you can enjoy with family or simply curl up with a good book and cup of tea. 

>Go green 
Interior styling trends are bringing the outside indoors and including a variety of lush, green indoor plants in your home will not only have you feeling closer to nature – they can really complement the look of your room. Indoor plants such as the Chinese Money plant and plants with patterned leaves are predicted to be popular choices to style your home this year. 

>Art deco
Edging into 2019 is the art deco movement. Known as one of the most glamourous and opulent of the design periods, we are seeing hints of Art Deco in detailing of chairs, tables, and lighting accessories. Think colourful, playful tones, curved furniture and retro designs. Time to dust off that copy of The Great Gatsby to get yourself inspired! 

Styling your home this autumn using our latest interior design tips can be a welcome change, however the most important thing to factor in is your own unique style to really make your house a home!
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