Rental Properties - Why Marketing Matters?

Rental Properties - Why Marketing Matters?

By Administration Team | 30-01-19

A good marketing campaign may not necessarily be at the forefront of a rental property owners mind; however, it can be an integral part of ensuring high quality tenants and the highest possible rent for your property. 

You don’t have to be marketing a property for sale to invest in high quality advertising – in fact, marketing a property for rent is just as important and can reap many rewards.  

Peake Real Estate believe high quality marketing of your rental property does matter in today’s market and can:
1.    Generate more interest in the property and therefore more tenant options
2.    Receive greater attendance at open inspections
3.    Maximised rental return 

Investing a little in the short run for a great marketing campaign could provide long term benefits financially. 
Your rental property needs to stand out in a flooded market and tenants who are shortlisting rental properties generally only spend a few seconds scrolling through online databases. The key is to capture their attention and peak their interest quickly to increase the likelihood of follow up investigations.  

So, what elements need to be considered in an effective marketing campaign to influence rental property success?  The foundations of good marketing include:

•    Professional Photography
Investing in high-quality professional photos is key to capturing potential tenant’s attention and can be the difference between attending or avoiding an open for inspection. High quality photos can highlight the alluring features of your property and can give you an edge over competing rental properties. A variety of photographs will showcase what your rental has to offer. Photo’s that capture attention are motivation for potential tenants to investigate more about your property, and potentially attend an open for inspection. 
•    Copywriting 
Accompanying high-quality photography, should be professionally crafted copywriting to best describe your properties features, include accurate descriptions and avoid any grammatical errors. Spelling mistakes can be a turn off for potential tenants, therefore enlisting professionals to market your property is a good way to avoid turning people away.  Copywriting will ensure all the important features of your property are highlighted in a clear and concise manner. 

•    Advertising Signage
Professional photos as well as copy detailing your property features can then be used to design eye-catching signage to further promote your rental property to passers-by and nearby residents. Many potential clients do use online databases to search for rental properties, however strategically designed signage can attract the attention of nearby residents who, through word of mouth, can help advertise the property to their family and friends. 

•    Internet Exposure
Your property needs to be seen by as many prospective tenants as possible and good internet exposure is essential. While is a preferred site by tenants, we ensure your property is highlight listed on this site which guarantees tenants will see it. A highlight listing is a cost- effective way to drive more tenants to your property. We also market your property on and 

Peake Real Estate can recommend a marketing package to suit your needs to maximise your investment as a landlord, lure in quality tenants and get the highest possible rental return. A short- term investment – for long-term gains. Call us today to talk about marketing for your rental property today.

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