How To Keep Cool At Home Over Summer

How To Keep Cool At Home Over Summer

By Administration Team | 04-12-18

Summer is finally here! The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and the holidays are here! BUT, one place you don’t want to feel the heat over summer is in your home.
When you come home from a day out you want to be able to keep your home cool without always having to crank up their air-conditioner.

To keep comfortable in your home over summer, we have put together a list of things you can do to stay chill over summer.

1. Keep your blinds closed during the day
Windows let in lots of unwanted heat, so closing them during the day can reduce the temperature in your home. Lighter coloured blinds work really well as they reflect the sun more than darker blinds do. However, this is still effective for homes with darker blinds and curtains.

2. Open your windows and doors during the evening
Opening your windows and doors during the evening will ensure the cool evening breeze can flow throughout your house and make that hot air refreshingly cool.

3. Cool only the rooms you are using
By cooling the rooms you are using and not the entire house, this can help reduce the amount of energy you are using. Portable fans are great for this as you can place them in different rooms throughout your house.

4. Take care of your air-conditioner
Make sure your air-conditioner is working effectively by cleaning it’s filters regularly. You can also take care of your aircon by keeping the external fixture cool by creating a shade area for it. This can be done using plants and awnings etc.

5. Try to use your oven less.
The kitchen can easily become the hottest area of your home during summer, so to reduce the excess heat coming from kitchen appliances, opt for the grill or BBQ instead of the oven. If you are using the stovetop or oven, make sure you have the fan on to try and remove some of the heat to try and keep the kitchen temperature down.

6. Spend time outdoors in the evening
Summer nights are gorgeous! The weather cools down, and daylight savings means you can do more in the evenings while the sun is still out. Opt to hang out more outside instead of staying inside to take advantage of the cooler nights. Deck out your backyard with things to do and areas to relax.

We are excited summer is here and are looking forward to the holiday season!
Peake Real Estate will be closed over Christmas and New Years, so enjoy your holidays and we will be back ready for 2019!
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