Styling Tips To Showcase Your Home For Sale!

Styling Tips To Showcase Your Home For Sale!

By Administration Team | 29-10-18

When selling your home, it is important to think about how it is styled and whether it would appeal to potential buyers. Styling and staging your home can really help enhance your property’s attractiveness in photographs and for open for inspections. It is important to keep in mind that styles and trends can change so often and not all homes can showcase the ‘latest’ trends. Because of this, we have put together a list of simple styling tips you can use to assist you when you decide to sell your home!

1.     Make rooms feel larger 

To showcase the space you have in each room of your property, place and style your furniture thoughtfully. Space maximisation should always be at the forefront of your mind, as you want buyers to look at images of your property and enter each room during open for inspections and feel a sense of space. If the rooms look too full or cluttered, it immediately makes your property feel smaller. Light colours on the walls and floors can help, along with pulling furniture away from the walls, and the use of mirrors can create the illusion of larger feeling zones. 

2.     Place real indoor plants in each room

Plants are a simple way to make the room come to life, as thriving plants evoke a sense of care in the home; plants need to be nurtured to be kept alive. Flowers are also a great way to inject life into a room, however, as flowers have a shorter lifespan, they would need to be replaced more often for open for inspections. 

3.     Don’t style your bed like you live in a hotel

White crisp sheets and pillows can seem unrealistic to some potential buyers, as they want to feel relaxed and at home when they enter a bedroom. A great way to make the bedroom look warm, cozy and inviting is by adding cushions, extra pillows and throw blankets to soften the look of the bed without it being too perfect, like you would find in a hotel. These items can also be used to make the room look cohesive and draw on current trends through the use of texture, pattern and colour. 

4.     Declutter your home 

Remove excess clutter by keeping surfaces around your home tidy, including: desks, kitchen bench, dining table, coffee tables, vanities etc. 
This also includes laundry baskets – Make sure all laundry baskets are emptied and washing is put away to help remove unnecessary clutter and make the home look and feel clean and tidy. Small baskets, trays and shelves that can be put away into cupboards are a great way to keep certain things together and store items away neatly. For some items that are always on view but can look messy (ie. Book shelves or shoe racks) - sorting them by height or colour helps to provide a sense of structure and coordination in the home. 

5.     Take advantage of natural light 

Sellers should definitely take advantage of natural lighting for photography and open for inspections. One way you can showcase natural lighting throughout your property is by using soft sheer drapes instead of dark and heavy curtains. This can allow more natural light to come into rooms during photography and open for inspections. You can also use mirrors, glass or shiny objects within rooms to help diffuse sunlight through the home and really enhance the natural light. 

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