When Is The Most Optimal Time To Sell Your Property?

When Is The Most Optimal Time To Sell Your Property?

By Administration Team | 30-07-18

One question we are often asked is ‘When is the best time to sell?’ 
Our answer is: 'You can sell when you are ready to sell.'
However, one way you can assess when it is the optimal time to sell your property can be by looking at the seasons. 

Spring is the most popular time for people to sell their property as the weather is starting to warm up and more buyers are heading out to look to purchase and get an idea before the busy summer season. Additionally, many properties look their best and most appealing over spring, therefore, the springtime can ensure you are showcasing your property at its peak. 
However, as spring is a very popular time to sell this also means competition is high which could lead to an oversupply of properties on the market competing for buyer’s attention. 

Spring selling tip: As people favour the outdoors during spring, make sure your gardens are looking fresh and clean. 

Summer is typically a time of relaxation and spending time with family, with this season full of celebrations, holidays and children being on school holidays. Many buyers and sellers can be on holidays during this season, and therefore, may not be actively thinking about buying a property. This in turn can reduce the number of buyers and sellers in the market. 
However, if your property is located where special events are held; such as food truck carnivals and local summer festivals, this could be a good time to take advantage of the increased traffic around your property as more people would be exposed to your property which could increase buyer interest. 
In addition, as many people set goals for a move in the New Year and get children ready for a new year start at schools, you could get very interested and determined buyers looking to purchase a property during this season.

Summer selling tip: Use blue and green features in the house to emulate a cooler feeling throughout your property. 

Autumn can be a fantastic time to put your property on the market as kids are back at school and parents can start focusing time on researching buying a property. Additionally, as people have come back from holidays, they can begin thinking about their goals for the year and start planning on achieving them; purchasing a property being a goal that many buyers could be interesting in achieving during the first half of the year. 
Moreover, as autumn does not have the same popular selling reputation as spring, many sellers do not put their properties on the market during autumn which means more you could have more potential buyers with less competition in your area. 

Autumn selling tip: Make sure the temperature in your property is comfortable for buyers during inspections. As the weather can vary this could mean turning on the heating or cooling depending on the weather outside. 

Winter can also be a great time to sell as many serious buyers are on the look-out for properties during winter and are happy to brave the cold weather to find them. Along with this, the cold weather can also deter sellers, meaning there are less sellers in the market during winter. Therefore, selling your property in winter can ensure you attract serious buyers with less competition. 
However, it is important to emulate a feeling of warmth in your property when selling in winter to ensure buyers feel welcome and comfortable when viewing your property as they would in the warmer months. 
Winter selling tip: Make sure your property feels warm and cozy by turning on the heating and adding warm reds and oranges throughout your home.

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